Your child's sleep score indicates poor sleep and room for great improvement

Maybe this sounds familiar for bedtime in your house:

Tantrums. Unable to focus on routines. Constantly getting out of bed. Restless sleep.

Many families with children share your experience. That’s why Harkla has set out to make a unique supplement that produces transformative results during your family’s bedtime routine.


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Finally, a nighttime supplement that doesn't compromise on ingredients and works

What People Are Saying About Our Supplements


Thank you for making bedtime so much easier. I have had my first two full nights of sleep (and only two full nights of sleep) since my 4 year old was born!


Overall we are extremely pleased with the product. A regular restful sleep schedule is so important, not just to him but to the whole family. If he sleeps better we all wake up more rested.

Join the many families who have benefited from our sleep supplements for kids. Click "learn more" to get started.

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    1% of each month's sales is donated to the University of Washington's Autism Center to support cutting edge research.


    We create products that will last throughout the years. We believe this so much that you get a lifetime guarantee.


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Our Mission

We think children with special needs should have every opportunity to live happy and healthy lives. That's why Harkla is dedicated to providing families with the best products and resources for raising a special needs child.

At Harkla, our goal is to help those with special needs live happy and healthy lives. To continue this mission, we donate 1% of every sale to the University of Washington Autism Center. This money gets split between providing families in the Seattle area access to therapy they can't afford, funding cutting edge autism research, and our annual scholarship to the University of Washington Autism Center's APEX Summer Camp.