3 Sensory Fun & Calming Sensory Swing Activities

By Jessica Hill, COTA/L   | Reviewed by Rachel Harrington, COTA/L, AC   |Written on January 10th, 2022

The Sensory Compression Swing from Harkla is one of our best selling products for good reason!

It's such a versatile product with tons of benefits for parents and therapists to use with any kiddo!

Since it's a soft nylon fabric that also stretches (but doesn't sag), it products provides compression that is calming to the nervous system.

With it being a swing, we use this in our Occupational Therapy Clinics to provide vestibular input, which can be either arousing or calming, depending on how you use the swing!

Our 3 Favorite Activities With The Swing

1. Playing flashlight tag

Flashlight Tag is fun and easy to play!

Dim the lights in the room and grab a flashlight. 

With your child inside the swing, shine the flashlight somewhere on the swing and your child will tap the place where the light shines through. 

Continue for however many reps you want. 

Then switch! Give your child the flashlight to shine somewhere on the swing and you tap the place where the light shines through.

2. Making Snow angels & Jumping Jacks

Have your child lay on their back, fully inside the compression swing. Practice the moves for snow angels or jumping jacks - fulling extending both arms and legs, simultaneously moving them out, then back in (legs together and arms at sides). 

3. Tummy Time in the Swing

Have your child lay on their stomach in the compression swing, with their head and arms out. Be sure that the swing is low enough to the ground that your child can touch the ground in order to move around by pushing with their arms. 

They can simply swing in this position or you can place toys / games on the ground, such as a puzzle, to have your child complete a fun activity in this position.  

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About 80% of the time we can pull him out of a meltdown by popping him in the swing - I never would have believed that if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. 

We've also noticed an overall decrease in meltdowns since we got it.


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