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The Holiday Sensory Survival Guide

Get expert sensory tips and strategies to make this the most memorable holiday season, yet!

  • How to make traveling smoother
  • Strategies for big family gatherings
  • How to choose the right sensory gifts
  • Sensory tips for classic holiday traditions

Sensory Strategies From Harkla's In-House Experts



We are two very passionate Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants who specialize in Sensory Integration and Primitive Reflex Integration.

After over 6 years of working with children in outpatient settings, we realized we wanted to bring our expertise to more families and therapists. With this mission in mind, we started the All Things Sensory Podcast, and have been creating in-depth trainings to help children with sensory challenges and retained primitive reflexes.

We hope the Holiday Sensory Survival Guide can make the holidays a blast for your sensory kiddo and an enjoyable time for you as a parent!

Rachel Harrington (COTA/L, AC)

Jessica Hill (COTA/L)

What's included in your sensory survival guide?

Tips and strategies to help sensory challenged kiddos fully enjoy this holiday season

Visual Schedules, Social Stories & Sensory Diets for:

  • How to keep sensory kiddos happy in the car
  • Sensory diets for winter break
  • Holiday party survival tips
  • How to choose gifts for sensory challenged kiddos
  • Sensory Diets for Traveling
  • Tips on how to best use all of the resources provided
  • And much more... 

Be the parent or grandparent who saves the holidays this year!

The holidays can be a very overwhelming time for kids with sensory struggles. Lots of lights, loud music, and large gatherings!

Instead of needing to isolate during the holidays, we want to give you the tips to have your sensory kiddo truly enjoy the full holiday experience this year!

Life-Changing Advice For 

Sensory & Special Needs Families


“With each Harkla product we purchase, I feel this sense of relief - I’m giving my daughter what she needs. I’m able to provide for her. I am able to care for her. This company has given me the tools I’ve needed to comfort my child. There literally is no bigger ask of a product.”




“Deciding to be a part of ‘The Club’ was an easy decision. The cost is minimal for the amount of knowledge you get all in one place. Taking the time to learn, implement, and following through with new strategies can be overwhelming and honestly quite tiresome, but I know I can ask questions within the club in a judgement-free zone. These ladies are SO passionate about what they do it's almost impossible not to want to join in on the fun.”



effective in actually helping families

“Rachel is someone who is really effective in actually helping families find solutions for sensory challenged kids.”

Katie, Wellness Mama

Amazing Content!

"Just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this with me. I am so thankful that I've been able to download all your amazing content!"

Mary, Harkla Customer

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Harkla was started over four years ago with a mission to help those with special needs live happy and healthy lives. Over the years, Harkla has helped over one hundred thousand families feel more calm at home, focus in the classroom, and experience more growth, development & joy in life.

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LIVE Sensory Diets Webinar

Learn how sensory diets are the key to overcoming sensory processing challenges

Presented by:

Rachel Harrington (COTA/L,AC) &

Jessica Hill (COTA/L)

Be the Sensory Holiday Hero This Year