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Finally, a good night's sleep
for both of you

  • All-Natural unique blend of vitamins, minerals, & herbs

  • Gluten, Sugar, and GMO FREE

  • Take every night without creating dependency

  • Free melatonin with a subscription 

Lifetime Money-Back Guaranteed

“Thank you for making bedtime so much easier.
I have had my first two full nights of sleep
(and only two full nights of sleep)
since my 4 years old was born!”

- Janelle W. 

What Makes our Supplements Special?

A Clean, Unique Formula that
SupportS Deep, REJUVENATING Sleep

  • MAGNESIUM: A common mineral that many are deficient in. It has been shown to reduce hyperactivity in children. [1]

  • VITAMIN B6: Works best when combined with magnesium. Has been shown to improve behavior in children. [2]

  • VITAMIN B12: Vitamin B complexes have a positive effect on the nervous system AND plays an important role in cognitive development. [3,4]

  • ZINC: Children in one study saw increases in performance for cognitive and motor skills when supplement with zinc. On top of that, higher levels of zinc are associated with increased amounts and quality of sleep. [5,6]

  • L-THEANINE: The calming agent from green tea, which has been shown to reduce physical and mental stress responses. [7]

  • Lavender Leaf Powder: Can induce relaxation and sedation while helping with nervousness and insomnia. [8]

  • Chamomile Extract: Another herb that has been shown to help with relaxation, sedation, nervousness, and insomnia. [9]

Wait... Where's the melatonin?

Why would we leave out melatonin, when most other companies make it their main ingredient? 

This is because not everyone wants to long term dose their child with melatonin. 

When a person’s sleep schedule is healthy and consistent, their body will naturally produce melatonin on its own. And supplementing, long term with melatonin can actually stop your body’s natural production of it. 

This is why we create a very clean and simple stand-alone melatonin supplement, called Sleep with Melatonin.

And until Friday, you can get the melatonin for FREE when you choose to subscribe to the Harkla Nighttime Relax Blend.

Only the good stuff

Thoughtfully-Selected Ingredients. Made and Tested in The United States.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.



3rd Party Tested

Our Lifetime Guarantee

We don't mess around with our commitment. Unless you are 100% satisfied, we aren't satisfied either. We're a company that truly cares about you and will answer any questions or concerns you have. 

If your child's sleep doesn't improve, we'll refund you with no questions asked.

There's enough going on in your life. You should only pay for things that work.

No sleep. No Cost.

We tested 

"I bought this product on a whim and I'm so glad that I did. It is totally worth the cost. The bottle is large (compared to RISIN and other products of similar price). And it really works! It really has softened my face and given me a more even skin tone all over. Just bought my second bottle after I used the first."

Karen Sterling

"I use AMELIA organic products exclusively now after trying so many others. The quality is excellent and the price is great. I am 61 and get compliments on my skin frequently. I use the cleanser, Vitamin C serum, eye gel and daily moisturizer."

Brenda Derouen

"I love that it only takes a very small amount of the cleanser to get a nice lather. I use to use a very expensive cleanser, but this is just as good. My face feels very clean, and does not feel tight after cleansing. I really like this cleanser and will order again."

Jacqueline Pontiff

"Best thing that ever happened to my skin! For the past two months I've been having terrible breakout. Everything I use seemed to make my face worse until I came across this cleanse combined with tea tree oil and aloe vera gel."

Nicole Reyes


  • All ingredients are 100% organic, animal cruelty-free

  • Natural extracts of fragrant lime & patchouli

  • Gently cleanses and prepares skin for further treatment

  • Freshens and uplifts without drying

30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed