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Harkla Relax Blend Subscription + 1 Free Bottle of Sleep with Melatonin

Harkla Relax Blend Subscription + 1 Free Bottle of Sleep with Melatonin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Works for Me!

For the last two months I have been taking Harkla Relax Blend every night before bedtime; it has replaced a nightly dose of Calms Forte...I am very satisfied!

Really love the combination of the sleep blend and melatonin

I used this product to help my 11 year old daughter to get to sleep. She has only been taking melatonin gummy but I think it really helps to have the melatonin and sleep blend together. She is sleeping thought the night and it has helped to improve her mood.

Effects instantly

It’s has improved sleep pattern for our 6 years old autistic son. As parent we finally had a great sleep and resting at night. We will buy again this product.

Great product, super impressed!

We have a 5 year old who would wake up at 3 am and start his day, we tried everything; extra excercise, no media in the evening, no sweets, bedtime routine, reward chart, but he would still wake us up, we were exhausted!! We tried Harkla and within a couple weeks he was sleeping through the night! Would 100% recommend this product!

Great Product!

I am writing this review from an adults perspective . I use Harkla’s products in my elementary classroom and love the company. I didn’t have a child to try the relaxation supplements on but I wanted to try them myself. I am a person with very high anxiety. It is worse at night. I have never slept very well and I wake up many times during the night. I have tried many products to help with sleep. I don’t like taking prescription drugs so I try natural products and I have tried many. I decided to try the Harkla Nighttime Relaxation Blend on the recommendation of Casey the owner. I take an adult dose before going to bed. I have found that I fall asleep faster now and I do not wake up as much during the night. I used to wake up about every hour and I wake up maybe once now in the night. And when I wake up I can fall back to sleep pretty quick. It used to take me a while to fall back to sleep. When I wake in the morning I don’t feel groggy. I also like that it is all natural and not filled with junk or fillers. I would recommend this product for anyone that has trouble sleeping or settling down to sleep. Finally someone has put out a natural product that actually works.