Harkla Hug - Inflatable Sensory Pea Pod

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  • A calming experience for your child
  • Comfortable and durable. Made with flocked vinyl
  • Bottom inflates creating a rocking motion
  • Electric air pump included with purchase
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  • Small: 48 x 29 x 20 inches (Recommended: 2-6, max 50 lbs)
  • Medium: 60 x 29 x 20 inches (Recommended: ages 6-12, 100 lbs or less)

    Are you looking for a new relaxation station for your child with sensory needs?

    The Harkla Hug combines a sensory input tool with the fun of a toy! Inflate the pea pod and watch your child explore a new comfort spot in your home or kids sensory room. Now made with flocked vinyl, this durable peapod is a perfect addition.

    The inflatable peapod applies much-needed pressure to sensitive areas of the body helping your child feel grounded and in control. This cozy canoe is perfect for autism. It stirs a sense of adventure while the compression provides a calming comfort where your child can feel secure. Use this sensory processing disorder tool to add comfort and joy in your child’s life.

    Our Sensory Pod is a Perfect Sensory Room Addition

    Consider this sensory chair as a kids reading nook that encourages beneficial stimulation and a sense of security at the same time. Great as an autism sensory toys for addressing the needed deep pressure input.

    We create products that will last throughout the years. We believe this so much that we give you a lifetime guarantee. Get the Harkla Hug, a sensory peapod, today.

    inflatable peapod for autism

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    Frequently Asked Questions About The Harkla Hug

    Is there a height or weight limit for the Harkla Hug?

    We've found the small (48 x 29 x 20 inches) to be best for those between the ages of 2-6 and recommend a weight maximum of 50 lbs.

    The large (60 x 29 x 20 inches) is best for kids between ages 6-12 and should be 100 lbs or less.

    Does the Harkla Hug come with an inflation device?

    Yes! We will send you an electric pump that makes it super fast and easy to inflate the product.

    What happens if the Harkla Hug gets damaged from use?

    Things happen! That's why Harkla sends you a patch kit for unexpected damage. We also maintain our product lifetime guarantee for the Harkla Hug. Unless you are 100% satisfied, we aren’t satisfied either. We're a company that truly cares about you and will answer any questions or concerns you have.

    Once you get your product, simply visit harkla.co/warranty to register your warranty.

    Who We Are

    We think children with special needs should have every opportunity to live happy and healthy lives. That's why Harkla is dedicated to providing families with the best products and resources for raising a special needs child. Read more of our story here.