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Welcome to our open positions page! We will be updating this as we have open positions. You can find open positions below our Core Principles.

If this your first time visiting our site, please check out our About Us page to get a feel for us as a company, as well as read our Core Principles below.


Harkla's Core Principles

Harkla has one mission: Help families raise happy and healthy children with special needs.

This mission is at the core of everything we do. Every decision is centered around the question of "how does this help our customers?"

The way we differentiate ourselves from our competition is by always asking, how can we be more helpful? In customer service, our blog, or post-purchase information, we want to be more helpful. 

Harkla's Core Principles:

  • Our customers are at the core of our business. We are helping families raise children with autism. Keep this in mind with every decision.
  • You are responsible for your work. Tell what you are going to do vs. asking for permission. 
  • Mistakes are OK. Not extracting lessons and implementing those into future processes is not OK.
  • Lead with questions, not answers.
  • Expect dialogues & debates. We are passionate people trying to do something great.
  • 100% of all energy and resources goes to our core focus.
  • We are a systems-based company. Freedom of thought comes from a foundation of discipline.
    • Freedom and responsibility within the framework of a highly developed system. 


Open Positions