About us

Harkla is a small, but dedicated company whose goal is to provide families with the best products and resources for raising a special needs child. 

We want you to know that if you are purchasing one of our products, you'll not only get a great product but will be taken care of for life, with our 100% lifetime guarantee.

Specializing in products for special needs children, we love to help parents create the ideal environment for their children to thrive in. Comfort and durability are the key aspects we focus on.

At Harkla, our relationship doesn't end when you purchase a product like with other companies. For us, it is a matter of joining our community of families working together to raise happier and healthier children. 

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If you are in need of customer service, please email us here: support@harkla.co

Dedicated to Helping the Specail Needs Community

At Harkla, we aren't only dedicated to helping families and children through our products, but we want to find other avenues as well to create as much impact as possible. Because of this, we have started a blog with content from occupational therapists that will give actionable advice to families raising children with special needs.

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We also support the community by donating 1% of our sales each month to the University of Washington Autism Center. This helps provide funding for research concerning autism.


On top of donating 1% of sales to the UW Autism Center, we have recently started working with ACT Today to provide free products to military families. We truly appreciate the freedom we have through the sacrifices of military families. 

If you are in the military, please contact us for your military discount code at support@harkla.co.