Primitive Reflexes Digital Course

Learn how to integrate retained primitive reflexes and help your child improve motor and social skills by implementing fun, therapeutic activities!


“I bought the Primitive Reflexes Digital Course and it was totally life changing. I use the information daily.”

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What Are Primitive Reflexes?

The building blocks for achieving higher level skills

Primitive reflexes are reflexes that develop in the womb and children are born with. These reflexes are automatic movements, directed from the brain stem, without thought or direction. Primitive Reflexes help newborns stay safe in the brand new, scary world they are experiencing!

Primitive Reflexes should have a limited life span though. As your child grows up, these primitive reflexes should be suppressed by the higher functioning parts of the brain. However, sometimes this doesn’t happen for a variety of reasons.

When primitive reflexes aren’t naturally integrated, they become retained reflexes and issues may arise.
What Are Primitive Reflexes

Could My Child Have Retained Primitive Reflexes?

When children retain primitive reflexes, they will often times struggle with:

Social Skills

Coordination for Playing Games or Sports

Emotional Regulation

Problem Solving

Focusing in Class

Reading & Writing


If this sounds like your child, then working to integrate retained Primitive Reflexes could be a life-changer!

Meet Your Instructors

Learn from two passionate Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants

We are two very passionate Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants who specialize in Sensory Integration and Primitive Reflex Integration.

After over 8 years of working with children in outpatient settings, we realized we wanted to bring our expertise to more families and therapists. With this mission in mind, we started the All Things Sensory Podcast, and have been creating in-depth trainings to help children with sensory challenges and retained primitive reflexes.

Our goal is to empower and educate families, caregivers, therapists, and educators to ultimately create strong, confident children!

We are so excited to have you join us!

Rachel Harrington, COTA/L, AC

Jessica Hill, COTA/L

Rachel Harrington


Rachel is a Pediatric Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant who is dedicated to helping children with different abilities feel confident in their own skin. She holds her Autism Certificate, and has completed continuing education in Handwriting Without Tears, Primitive Reflex Integration, Sensory Integration, and more! Rachel lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband, young son, and dog, and can be found outside hiking, playing games, and not taking life too seriously!
Jessica Hill
Jessica Hill


Jessica is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant who specializes in Pediatrics. She is passionate about helping children become healthy, happy, and confident members of society. She has training and experience in Primitive Reflex Integration, Sensory Integration, feeding, and parent training. Jessica and her son live in Boise, Idaho with their two crazy cats and enjoy hiking, swimming, and traveling!

Here’s What You Get

This Primitive Reflex Course is a 7-module training with 12 videos (plus bonuses!), along with clear instructions, printable PDFs, and exercises to keep you on track for success


Primitive Reflexes 101

Learn everything you need to know about Primitive Reflexes. What they are, how and when they should naturally integrate, what happens when they don’t integrate, and much more.

Moro Reflex

Become a Moro Reflex expert. Learn what it is, when it first appears, and how to test for retained. We’ll run you through exercises to help integrate Moro Reflex if it appears to be retained in your child.

Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex (TLR)

Learn more about the Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex. What reflexes are associated with it, when it should have integrated, and how to test for retained reflexes. Learn our favorite exercises for integrating retained TLR reflex.

Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (ATNR)

Go in-depth on Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex. Learn how to test for retained ATNR along with a list of exercises to help integrate ATNR that you can easily do at home!

Spinal Galant Reflex

Learn all about the Spinal Galant Reflex. We’ll cover when it emerges and should integrate, along with how to test for retained Spinal Galant Reflex, and some great exercises on integrating it if it’s still retained!

Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (STNR)

Become a Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (STNR) expert! Learn how to test for retained STNR, when and how it should integrate, as well as some exercises to help the integration along!

Postural Reflexes

While postural reflexes are not considered primitive reflexes, they are a must-know for those working on Primitive Reflex Integration! Learn why they’re so important, and some activities to help facilitate it!
$10 Value

Primitive Reflex Integration in the Classroom

Each Primitive Reflex, if retained, has an impact on learning and success in a school environment. Learn tips and tricks to promote Primitive Reflex Integration while in the classroom.

Learning Outcomes


Identify the potential adverse reactions to occupational-based tasks when primitive reflexes are retained, i.e. bathing, eating, playing, etc.
State 5 common primitive reflexes and their symptoms when retained.
List 3 functional activities to include during play-based therapeutic treatment interventions to integrate primitive reflexes.
Identify modifications to daily occupations when reflexes are retained to improve successful participation in ADLs and IADLs.
List strategies to improve caregiver success with HEPs in the home / school environments to improve reflex integration.

Why Families & Therapists Love This Course

Why Families & Therapists Love This Course

Improve Life By Integrating Primitive Reflexes

If your child has retained primitive reflexes, learning to integrate them could lead to improved:

  • Social Skills
  • Learning
  • Motor Skills
  • Executive
  • Functioning
  • Coordination
  • Reading & Writing

Makes Learning Fun!

We believe that learning is more impactful when it’s fun! This course provides you with the tools to implement new activities & exercises in a positive way to engage your child.

Understanding The ‘Why’

We’re not here to diagnose or put a band-aid on a “problem”. Just straight forward information as to WHY your child may be struggling and engaging, actionable exercises that will help.

No More Guessing

With video demonstrations and clear descriptions, we take the guesswork out of helping you and your child experience success. We want to make this as easy as possible for you.


Primitive Reflexes Digital Course

Learn how to integrate retained primitive reflexes and help your child improve motor and social skills by implementing fun, therapeutic activities!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Is This Course Administered?

This course is administered via online videos and worksheet downloads that you be able to access through once you have purchased!

What Is The Refund Policy For This Course?

Like all Harkla products, this falls under our lifetime guarantee. This basically means that if at any time you aren’t satisfied with the course, we’ll refund you right away.

Will I Have Access To The Instructors For The Course?

We offer the ability to book a time slot with the instructors for an extra fee, but you are able to comment within courses and get answers to those comments as you go from the instructors.

We also are very responsive on customer support and social media to connect with our community.

The best way to get more direct access to our instructors is to join the Harkla Sensory Club, in which our instructors are actively working with families as needed. You’ll get 1 month free to the Harkla Sensory Club if you buy the course!

Do You Test Or Diagnose My Child For Primitive Reflexes?

No. Testing for Primitive Reflexes is based on age and concerns for the family.

Please work with your local pediatrician or therapist to determine if a child requires formal testing for Primitive Reflexes.

Is There A Correlation Between A Diagnosis Of ADHD And Retained Primitive Reflexes?

Although there is no solid research to back this up, there are similar signs / symptoms when looking at a child diagnosed with ADHD.

If a child is diagnosed with ADHD, it can be a good idea to have them formally tested for Primitive Reflexes.

What Happens When There Is An Inconsistent Positive Response When Testing And Re-testing A Primitive Reflex?

There are many variables when testing for Primitive Reflexes. Fatigue. Hunger. Clothing choices. Illness. Age.

Since this is an online course, we won’t be able to assist with this.

Do Your Courses Offer Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)?

No, unfortunately at this time we do not offer any CEUs for OTs, SLPs, PTs, Teachers, etc. However, you can use them towards PDU credits per your state guidelines. We are not responsible for tracking these hours, certificates, or governing board guidelines.

Our Lifetime Guarantee


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Benjamin Aaronson, PhD
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University of Washington Autism Center

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Primitive Reflex Course

I absolutely loved this course and highly recommend it to my fellow OTs and parents.The format is very easy to follow, fair cost, unlimited access and excellent videos,great ideas for treatment and handouts that are shareable. Nice refresher for OTs who already know about reflexes or for beginners too.

Renee B.
Primitive reflex course

This course was amazing, I already have knowledge in primitive reflexes but was looking for freshen up
Course. This course was presented beautifully and easier to understand. The video tutorials were key to showing what you meant with the exercise. I loved it all the way from Australia 🇦🇺

Emily T.

Really explained things in a way that was applicable and clear.


What I miss in this course are real kids, real testing, real exercises with real modifications on real kids.

Brooke T.

The tangible resources, handouts (including screening tools), and intervention activities are super helpful!