Watch The Video to Know What to Do Next

Your special link for joining the club is below the video!

Next Steps for The Summer Sensory Challenge

1) Check your email for your Course login

Check your email to login to the Summer Sensory Challenge Course. 

The subject of the email will be "Welcome to - Login Information Inside!"

If you don't see this email or are having trouble logging in, please contact us at and we'll get it sorted ASAP.

2) Join the Harkla sensory Club

If you're not already a member of The Harkla Sensory Club, make sure to click the button below to sign up!

You'll be directed to a page to sign up. You'll need to enter payment information, but don't worry. If you don't want to stay in The Club beyond July, we'll help you get that set up.

Once you're in The Club, make sure to explore the content and join the Summer Sensory Challenge Group, which you can see in the video to the right!

We can't wait to See you in the club for
the July 1st Live Kickoff!

If you need any help please email us:

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