Compression Sensory Swing


"It is a lifesaver for my son who is a sensory seeker with ASD. The swing provides him comfort and calms him down, when necessary. Wish I purchased this a year ago."

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Compression Sensory Swing



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Looking for the perfect place for your child with sensory needs to feel relaxed and have fun? 

Harkla's indoor therapy swing is a great addition to the bedroom or sensory room. The swing is designed to meet sensory needs:


  1. Compression from the swing gives a hug-like effect to your child.
  2. Swinging, vestibular input means the swing helps your child explore space around them and get their bearings.

Support your child by giving them a compression swing where they can self-regulate and return to calm. 


We've painstakingly designed our autism swing to be strong and resistant. The blend of spandex and nylon is soft but durable. The swing is made to accommodate up to 200 lbs.

And you can get started with playtime as soon as the indoor swing for kids arrives. No trips to the hardware store - every purchase includes $50 in hardware at no extra cost to you! 

  • 2 carabiners: Makes it easy to hook it all together.
  • Daisy chain: Choose the perfect height without compromising on strength no matter where the swing is set up.
  • Rescue 8: The most secure way to tie your compression swing.
  • Ceiling hook and screws: Attach your swing to your ceiling without worry.

Click here to shop Harkla's 360º swivel - perfectly compatible with the compression swing.

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Our Snuggly Design
Made of soft nylon that stretches width-wise only. Does not sag to the ground like competitor swings!
Provides a calming & gentle ongoing hug-like effect
Comes with everything you need for easy setup
Holds up to 200lbs for a safe place for your child
Our Lifetime Guarantee


We don't mess around with our commitment. Unless you are 100% satisfied, we aren't satisfied either. We're a company that truly cares about you and will answer any question or concerns you have.

This means that if you are not absolutely happy with your product, we will not only refund you without question, we will cover the return shipping. There's no reason you should pay for a product you aren't happy with.

Free Digital Mini Course & Bonus Activities Included

Fun, Therapeutic Activities to Help Your Child Enjoy Every Moment using Harkla’s Sensory Tools!

Free Digital Mini Course & Bonus Activities Included

Fun, Therapeutic Activities to Help Your Child Enjoy Every Moment using Harkla’s Sensory Tools!

When you purchase any product at Harkla, we’ll send you digital access to your free product mini course!

Rachel Harrington (COTA/L, AC) & Jessica Hill (COTA/L), Harkla’s in-house experts, give you actionable advice on:

  • How your Harkla product works
  • How to introduce our sensory tools/toys into daily life
  • The best practices on how to use it
  • And our top 10 favorite fun, therapeutic activities

Sensory Swing Science


Sensory swings provide vestibular input. Vestibular input is the sensation of any change in position, direction, or movement of the head. It gives our bodies information about whether we are moving with or against gravity, fast or slow, moving or still, and what direction we're headed. If you'd like to learn more about sensory swings and the science behind them, we wrote a guide to it here.

Sensory swings also provide Deep Touch Pressure (DTP). DTP is simply distributed weight across the body that can give a feeling of calm, relaxation, and naturally improved sleep. If you'd like to read more about the natural benefits of DTP, we wrote an article on it here.

Giving Back On Our Sales

1% of all Sales go to the University of Washington Autism CenteR

At Harkla, our goal is to help those with special needs live happy and healthy lives. To continue this mission, we donate 1% of every sale to the University of Washington Autism Center. This money gets split between providing families in the Seattle area access to therapy they can’t afford, funding cutting edge autism research, and our annual scholarship to the University of Washington Autism Center’s APEX Summer Camp.

“As a business committed to supporting families, Harkla has generously provided multiple scholarships so that children with autism and ADHD can attend our summer camp at the UW Autism Center. We’re grateful for Harkla’s support!”

Benjamin Aaronson, PhD
Director, APEX Summer Camp Program
University of Washington Autism Center

Customer Reviews

Based on 248 reviews
Christopher F.
Our son loves this!

Our 5 yr old loves this swing. It seems to be great quality. Would recommend this for sure.

Jennifer B.
Great Swing!

My son uses compression and movement to help him self-regulate when he gets upset. This swing has been a lifesaver! It’s also a great way to incorporate “heavy work” and vestibular input into his routine during the months when it’s harder to get outside. He goes hard on it, and it is so well-made that it seems like it will hold up for a long time.

Updated* from 2 star

Updating to say that Harkla reached out to me as soon as i posted my low star review due to the material getting runs so quickly. They have sent a new swing and assured me the product has a lifetime warranty-you really cant get that anywhere nowadays so overall im happy with this purchase knowing that if anything ever happens to it, theyll replace it for free. Great customer service!

Sarah H.
The perfect fabric

I purchased another compression swing that immediately went to the ground with any weight. Harkla had magic fabric that maintains its structure while also being super flexible and soft.

Christopher N.
my boys' favorite

I got this swing for my 3-year-old, who's very active and has the attention span of a...well, a 3-year-old. This was back in August, and he and his older brother play with it every day. It's by far one of my best purchases. I also love that a portion of the proceeds goes to autism research and therapy.

Installation was fairly easy. The ceiling bracket has four holes, all meant to screw into a joist, but I couldn't find a spot where all four would line up with a joist. So, two are in a joist. It's held up just fine, but I wish the instructions were clearer here.

Overall, I highly recommend the Harkla swing!