Compression Swing Fabric - No Hardware included

Compression Swing Fabric - No Hardware included

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Purchase a replacement compression swing fabric for your Harkla Compression Swing. This product does not include swing hardware.

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40 Denier | 2-Way Stretch | 100% Nylon Tricot


Swing Fabric Dimensions (Unassembled): 60 inches x 100 inches


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Patrick R.

My daughter in the Seattle area installed the Harkla swing for my granddaughter who, from age 3 to 4 is using it many times per day - easily 20 ons & offs in a day. She loves her swing and is free to use it at will. She has developed multiple techniques for spinning and swinging that are impressive. Various dress ups, like a tutu or a character costume, along with accompanying musical soundtracks or, her favorite, Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, have resulted in an overall experience that has become significant and meaningful as well as entertaining. We also play inventive games of handing off objects and trying to do "tricks" that are developing agility, balance and athleticism. I have become enamored with the Harkla and installed one for my grandchildren in the Portland area. No matter what is happening, no matter the weather, a party, cake, other family they haven't doesn't matter, when they arrive at my house, each of the 4 of them, make a beeline for the Harkla. You can hardly get a kiss or a hello from them. As for the product, it is comfortable for the kids and easy to use. I gathered the fabric and held it open for our 1 year old and, on her first try, she was spinning and swinging by herself almost instantly. It was like it came natural to her. It may just be me but when I see my grandchildren using that swing, it feels like they are doing something that they were meant to do. If you have the space and can figure out a way to attach it properly, it is a game changer.
As for product safety and durability, it is very well designed and made. I am a contractor so I installed it properly and I swing on it myself at 200 lbs. The only caution I have for you is that someone will be on that swing constantly so, if you have little ones, an adult will have to supervise. A 3 year old in full swing colliding with a 1 year old bystander who wanders into the flight path could result in a nasty collision. Once they are older, then it is another point of growth for them - learning to pay attention and stay out of the way; also learning to stop yourself from crashing into someone who is unaware. But 1 year olds and 3 year olds are too young to learn that so be careful. We had a few near misses at first and learning to share is a challenge - we close the door so there is only one person in the room at a time and use a timer. Buona Fortuna!

Linda W.

My grandson chewed the first swing… I’m so happy with the replacement swing—he loves it. My only wish is that it would come in different colors for my granddaughter. I have given 3 swings away, to three different families. They all love them!

Heather C.
Compression swing fabric review

This product is wonderful! My son loves this swing and it helps him calm down, too! Unfortunately, he used a scissors on the first fabric swing we bought. However, we were so please to be able to replace only the fabric. Harkla has been wonderful to work with, very responsive on email. I highly recommend this product and this company. Thank you!

Laurie M.
Back again

I ordered again just the fabric for the compression swing! The customer service & the product is fantastic.

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