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"My ASD son loves the hug! He has sensory processing issues and tends to deep the deep pressure without actual touch. The hug has been perfect for him."

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Weighted blanket


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Exterior: 100% Soft Flocked Vinyl

Small: 48 x 29 x 20 inches
Medium: 60 x 29 x 20 inches

Small: Ages 2-6 | Maximum Weight 50lbs
Medium: Ages 6-12 | Maximum Weight 100lbs

The Harkla Hug
Electric Pump
Patch Kit

The Harkla Hug combines a sensory input tool with the fun of a toy!

Inflate the sensory pea pod and watch your child explore a new comfort spot in your home or kid's sensory room. Now made with flocked vinyl, this durable peapod sensory chair is a perfect addition.

The Harkla Hug is a family favorite for those with autism, sensory challenges, and ADHD!

The inflatable peapod for autism applies much-needed pressure to sensitive areas of the body helping your child feel grounded and in control. This cozy canoe is perfect for autism. It stirs a sense of adventure while the compression provides a calming comfort where your child can feel secure. Use this sensory processing disorder tool to add comfort and joy in your child’s life.

The Harkla Hug provides deep touch pressure (DTP) in the form of firm tactile sensory input or proprioceptive input to the whole body. When administered to the whole body, deep touch pressure therapy (DTP) has a calming, organizing effect on children and adults alike. 

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Our Snuggly Design
Price includes air pump for an easy setup
Made with flocked vinyl for comfort and durability
3 inflatable compartments including bottom for a rocking input
Reinforced stitching to hold air longer
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Free Digital Mini Course & Bonus Activities Included

Fun, Therapeutic Activities to Help Your Child Enjoy Every Moment using Harkla’s Sensory Tools!

Free Digital Mini Course & Bonus Activities Included

Fun, Therapeutic Activities to Help Your Child Enjoy Every Moment using Harkla’s Sensory Tools!

When you purchase any product at Harkla, we’ll send you digital access to your free product mini course!

Rachel Harrington (COTA/L, AC) & Jessica Hill (COTA/L), Harkla’s in-house experts, give you actionable advice on:

  • How your Harkla product works
  • How to introduce our sensory tools/toys into daily life
  • The best practices on how to use it
  • And our top 10 favorite fun, therapeutic activities
How Come A Hug?


The science behind the Harkla Hug is called Deep Touch Pressure (DTP). DTP is simply distributed weight across the body. If you'd like to read more about the natural benefits of DTP, we wrote a guide to it here.

DTP releases serotonin in the body which turns into melatonin, as well as decreased nervous system activity. These combine to give a feeling of calm, relaxation and naturally improved sleep. If you'd like to dive into the studies about deep touch pressure, we wrote an article on it here.

Giving Back On Our Sales

1% of all Sales go to the University of Washington Autism CenteR

At Harkla, our goal is to help those with special needs live happy and healthy lives. To continue this mission, we donate 1% of every sale to the University of Washington Autism Center. This money gets split between providing families in the Seattle area access to therapy they can’t afford, funding cutting edge autism research, and our annual scholarship to the University of Washington Autism Center’s APEX Summer Camp.

“As a business committed to supporting families, Harkla has generously provided multiple scholarships so that children with autism and ADHD can attend our summer camp at the UW Autism Center. We’re grateful for Harkla’s support!”

Benjamin Aaronson, PhD
Director, APEX Summer Camp Program
University of Washington Autism Center

Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews
Lisa R.
Great products!

We have the Harkla hug and the weighted blanket. Our 4 year old enjoys them both!!


My Autistic / ADHD daughter loves this, it’s one of the only times she is calm and seems relaxed. Her OT has one so once I saw how much it helps her to regulate and get the proprioceptive input she seeks, I knew we needed one at home. This has been a game changer and has become apart of our daily routine. Definitely recommend

Holly A.D.
Didn’t last

Unfortunately ours popped before too long with semi-regular use from a 9yo with ASD. He did find it quite calming while it lasted.

Selma S.
Amazing product, amazing company

My son loves jumping into his Harkla Hug and cuddling up to watch tv or read a book. This product is very helpful when he is having a hard time regulating his body and this helps him get all the squeezes and input he needs!

Tammy T.
Love Harkla!

This was a great invention! We use it every single day. Put it on the saucer swing and kids that "never" swing climb right in. Put a child in it and roll them across the floor and even the grumpiest one's cackle. You can go wrong with the Harkla Hug!