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Special Needs

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sensory lighting blog post

Sensory Lighting - What Helps and What Doesn’t

by Alescia Ford-Lanza MS OTR/L, ATP June 06, 2019

Your world is affected by the light sources around you. Lighting impacts learning, mood, and perception. Learn more about why the type of lighting you choose is important, as well as what sensory lighting accommodations we recommend.
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vestibular input blog post

What is Vestibular Input and What Therapy Helps?

by Alescia Ford-Lanza MS OTR/L, ATP June 06, 2019

Learn how to help activate your child's vestibular system with activities that provide vestibular input in order to meet your child’s individual sensory profile. We cover what vestibular input is, why it's important, and some vestibular activities and products that can help with your child today.
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occupational therapist equipment blog post

Occupational Therapy Equipment, Tools, and Supplies For Therapy and Classrooms

by Alescia Ford-Lanza MS OTR/L, ATP June 06, 2019

Whether you are setting up a classroom to be more sensory friendly, starting an occupational therapy business, or simply want to know more about therapy equipment, this article will walk you through different types of products to get to make sure you have all the bases covered.
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autism bedroom design blog post

10 Awesome Bedroom Ideas for Kids with Autism

by Alescia Ford-Lanza MS OTR/L, ATP June 06, 2019 6 Comments

10 bedroom ideas for children with autism appeal to functionality, meet sensory needs, provide safety reassurance, and promote independence.
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weighted lap pad benefits blog post

What are the Benefits of Weighted Lap Pads?

by Alescia Ford-Lanza MS OTR/L, ATP June 06, 2019

A sensory weighted lap pad is a discreet and functional sensory tool, for both kids and adults, to help with self-regulation. They have become a popular tool for classrooms, as well as families on the go. Learn what the science behind them says about their benefits.
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10 Best Sensory Products for Kids with Autism

The 10 Best Sensory Products for Kids with Autism

by Alescia Ford-Lanza MS OTR/L, ATP June 06, 2019 4 Comments

When it comes to shopping for a child with autism, it can sometimes be hard to know what they want. However, if you can combine a sensory product with something your child enjoys doing, you get the double benefit of positive sensory input, as well as fun for your child! Learn our favorite autism sensory products here
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Weighted Blanket Therapy Blog Post

What is Weighted Blanket Therapy?

by Alescia Ford-Lanza MS OTR/L, ATP June 06, 2019 2 Comments

Could a weighted therapy blanket benefit you? We look into what exactly a therapy blanket is, what the science is behind them, who they benefit, and how to properly use them. If you want to learn about weighted blanket therapy, this article will cover all you need to know.
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occupational therapy activities blog post

Our 10 Favorite Occupational Therapy Activities

by Shea Brogren, MOT, OTR/L June 06, 2019 4 Comments

Occupational therapists need to be able to come up with fun and skill developing activities that not only work during therapy but that parents can take home with them to try. Check out our list of our favorite therapy activities for home or school.
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What Therapy Works Well For Children with Autism?

by Shea Brogren, MOT, OTR/L June 06, 2019 3 Comments

There are several therapy options to choose when it comes to treating children with autism. A combination of these therapies, along with early intervention, lead to the best outcomes. Find out whichtreatments for autism are best for what you need.
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sensory room blog post

Could A Sensory Room Help Your Child?

by Dr. Cara Koscinski, OTD, MOT, OTR/L June 06, 2019 2 Comments

The goal of a sensory room is to provide a safe place where someone who has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) can go when they need to either calm or stimulate their senses. Sensory rooms provide a great variety of activities to help and can meet therapeutic goals. 
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weighted blanket for autism

What are the benefits of a weighted blanket for Autism?

by Casey Ames June 06, 2019 6 Comments

Weighted blankets work well for a number of disorders, but what are the benefits specifically for those with autism? Learn what the science says about using weighted blankets for those with autism.
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activities for children with autism blog post

10 Therapeutic Activities for Children with Autism

by Dr. Cara Koscinski, OTD, MOT, OTR/L May 31, 2019 11 Comments

Check out our list of our expert's favorite therapeutic activities for autistic children. These are easy activities and toys that are easy to begin working into your child's life and can be very affordable to begin!
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