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Special Needs

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autism learning tools blog post

Autism Learning Tools for Home and School

by Alescia Ford-Lanza MS OTR/L, ATP August 07, 2018

Approaching your autistic child's learning by recognizing his learning style and incorporating style-informed teaching tools can have a big impact on their abilities. In this article, learn the 3 different autism learning styles, and teaching tools that can help focus on each area.
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sensory tools classroom harkla blog post

10 Tools for a Sensory Informed Classroom

by Alescia Ford-Lanza MS OTR/L, ATP July 26, 2018 1 Comment

Does your child go to a sensory informed classroom or are you a teacher looking to make your classroom more sensory friendly? Check out our list of sensory strategies as well our 10 favorite sensory tools for a classroom that is helpful to those with autism or sensory processing disorder.
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sensory processing disorder guide

The Ultimate Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder

by Alescia Ford-Lanza MS OTR/L, ATP July 10, 2018 2 Comments

This guide will help you understand Sensory Processing Disorder, also known as sensory modulation disorder, so you can figure out what to look for and how to approach therapy with an informed background. Learn the three subtypes of sensory processing disorder, to better understand exactly what help your child needs.
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autism sensory issues blog post

What You Need to Know About Autism and Sensory Issues

by Alescia Ford-Lanza MS OTR/L, ATP June 01, 2018

75% of children with autism have sensory processing disorder, which leads to a special blend of autistic sensory issues. Learn more about this dual diagnosis, as well as where to start learning about supporting sensory issues for those with autism.
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What is Autism Spectrum Disorder blog post

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

by Alescia Ford-Lanza MS OTR/L, ATP April 04, 2018

Whatever your reason for wanting to inform yourself on what Autism Spectrum Disorder is, our article will provide you with the information you need to seek additional resources and be a more conscious citizen in your interactions with people on the autism spectrum.
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history of autism blog post

What is the History of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

by Casey Ames March 30, 2018 5 Comments

Autism Spectrum Disorder has actually been around much longer than you would expect. It's only been in the last couple decades where it has grown into the national spotlight. Learn about the history of autism, including the first case of autism, in our easy to follow article.
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Sensory Room Ideas blog post

10 Sensory Room Ideas for Home or the Classroom

by Molly Shaw Wilson MS OTR/L BCP February 21, 2018 1 Comment

A sensory room is a place designed to meet the unique sensory needs for kids with autism and SPD. It's easy to create a room at home or in school with these Top 10 Ideas!
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Occupational Therapy for Autism blog post

How does Occupational Therapy help kids with autism?

by Shea Brogren, MOT, OTR/L February 14, 2018

Children with autism and sensory processing difficulties often receive occupational therapy services as a way to help build skills in the areas needed to complete daily activities. Check out this article to find out exactly how OT can be beneficial.
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benefits of weighted vest for autism blog post

10 Benefits of Weighted Vests for Autism & Sensory Issues

by Alescia Ford-Lanza MS OTR/L, ATP February 14, 2018

Weighted vests can be a helpful sensory strategy for children with autism. Learn what exactly a weighted vest is, what the research says about them, and if they can help improve focus for your child with autism!
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toys for toddlers with sensory processing disorder

The 10 Best Toys for Toddlers with Autism and Sensory Processing Difficulties

by Molly Shaw Wilson MS OTR/L BCP February 08, 2018

There are so many sensory toys on the market, it's hard to know which ones are best for toddlers with autism and sensory processing disorder. Take a look at our Top 10 recommendations compiled by a pediatric occupational therapist.
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sensory processing disorder and sleep

What to Know about Sensory Processing Disorder and Sleep

by Alescia Ford-Lanza MS OTR/L, ATP January 17, 2018

For children with sensory processing disorder, sleep problems can further compound difficulties with self-regulation. Learn more about how certain factors cause sleeping issues for those with sensory processing disorder and strategies to help improve sleep.
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Sensory Brush Benefits blog post

What are the Benefits of a Sensory Brush or The Wilbarger Brushing Protocol?

by Molly Shaw Wilson MS OTR/L BCP January 03, 2018 7 Comments

A sensory brush is used as part of the Wilbarger brushing protocol and can be part of a sensory diet to help improve self-regulation for those with SPD. Learn exactly what the benefits are, as well as the Wilbarger brushing protocol instructions.
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