Improving Focus & Behavior in The Classroom

Improving Focus & Behavior in The Classroom

Learn exactly how to implement therapeutic sensory strategies in the classroom to improve focus, mood, and behavior for all students!

Kassy Packer, School-Based ABA Therapist

“If you are a teacher or a professional working with children within the classroom this course is a must. You will leave with more ideas than you ever imagined and the confidence to make your classroom sensory-friendly for all students, not just those with specific sensory difficulties.”

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Why Is Understanding Sensory Challenges Essential to Every Student’s Success?

Did you know that up to 1 out of 6 of your students has sensory processing disorder?

Did you know that up to 1 out of 6 of your students has sensory processing disorder?

But that doesn’t include students who have general sensory difficulties, which can inhibit their learning, behavior, and mood.

There is often a gap in understanding how sensory processing affects a student’s ability to be happily engaged in their classwork and create important social connections with their peers.

What Happens When Sensory Challenges Go Unaddressed?

Students who are struggling with processing sensory input will have a harder time:

Sitting Still During Class

Focusing on Assignments

Self-Regulating Behavior

Social Skills with Classmates

Who Is This Training Designed For?


Elementary, middle, and high school educators.


Therapists working in the school setting.

Other Professionals

Those who work with children within the school setting, such as paraeducators.

This course is GOLD

“As an OT working in the schools, this course is GOLD for both therapists (OT, SLP, PT) and educators! Rachel and Jessica provide the WHY behind classroom behaviors and simple strategies to implement right away! They simplify complex concepts such as sensory processing difficulties and primitive reflexes. Since taking the course, I find myself sharing the resources with teachers and parents daily. 10/10 recommend!”

Shelly Donnelly, School-Based Occupational Therapist

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Meet Your Instructors

Learn from two passionate Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants

We are two very passionate Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants who specialize in Sensory Integration and Primitive Reflex Integration.

After over 8 years of working with children in outpatient settings, we realized we wanted to bring our expertise to more families and therapists. With this mission in mind, we started the All Things Sensory Podcast, and have been creating in-depth trainings to help children with sensory challenges and retained primitive reflexes.

Our goal is to empower and educate families, caregivers, therapists, and educators to ultimately create strong, confident children!

We are so excited to have you join us!

Rachel Harrington, COTA/L, AC

Jessica Hill, COTA/L

Rachel Harrington


Rachel is a Pediatric Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant who is dedicated to helping children with different abilities feel confident in their own skin. She holds her Autism Certificate, and has completed continuing education in Handwriting Without Tears, Primitive Reflex Integration, Sensory Integration, and more! Rachel lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband, young son, and dog, and can be found outside hiking, playing games, and not taking life too seriously!
Jessica Hill
Jessica Hill


Jessica is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant who specializes in Pediatrics. She is passionate about helping children become healthy, happy, and confident members of society. She has training and experience in Primitive Reflex Integration, Sensory Integration, feeding, and parent training. Jessica and her son live in Boise, Idaho with their two crazy cats and enjoy hiking, swimming, and traveling!

Here’s What You Get




Learn about why we created this course for you, the goals of this course, plus you’ll get a full glossary of the different terms we use throughout the course and some fun journaling downloads to help you get started!

Sensory Processing and Primitive Reflex Integration Basics

Get up to speed on Sensory Processing Disorder and Retained Primitive Reflexes. Understanding these two challenges will help you better understand and evaluate what students are struggling with.

Is it Sensory or Behavior?

One of the first steps to better classroom management is understanding why a student is having issues. We’ll help you evaluate if a student is simply acting out, or if they are struggling with specific sensory challenges in the classroom. Knowing this will help you quickly get things back on track.

Talking to Sensory Student 101

Get up to speed on Sensory Processing Disorder and Retained Primitive Reflexes. Understanding these two challenges will help you better understand and evaluate what students are struggling with.

Sensory Breaks in the Classroom

Familiar with ‘brain breaks’? Sensory Breaks though are designed not only to give students a break, but to use specific sensory activities to get them into ‘just the right state’ of arousal, so that they can come back more focused & engaged than before, no matter their sensory challenges.

Sensory Friendly Classroom Accommodations

Learn what you can add or change in your classroom for your students in order to help them learn more easily. We give you an easy-to-follow checklist to walk through your classroom with to improve calm, focus, and attention.

Sensory Based Activities

Learn activities that we’ve used in the clinic for years that work great for the classroom setting. We provide a variety of activities to help your student’s varying sensory needs and learning styles to help them be successful in the classroom!

Building a Sensory Friendly Classroom

This lesson will help you start to construct your classroom in a sensory friendly way! We provide product recommendations and other strategies to help students feel calm and focused when they come to class.

Managing Transitions

Managing transitions can be one of the trickiest parts of getting your students to do what you need them to! Whether it’s switching between tasks or coming in from recess, we provide therapeutic strategies you can use to help students with transitions.

How to Redirect Students

Sometimes a quick redirection is the easiest way to avoid a much bigger problem. We’ll teach you how and when to use proper redirections to keep the entire class focused on the task at hand!

Adapting P.E. & Other Electives for Students with Sensory Challenges

Since so much of a sensory student’s needs are physical, it’s important to make sure Physical Education is accommodating to sensory students! We provide tips and ideas for seamlessly integrating sensory strategies into P.E.

Sensory Tips & Tricks for the Classroom

Our last module is designed to give you a ton of quick sensory tips and tricks that you can keep top of mind in the classroom. Like all of our modules, this comes with a printable PDF to help you have easy access to this throughout your day.

Helpful Handouts for Parents

Having parents on the same page as you makes positive outcomes way more likely. That’s why we have 9 different downloadable guides that you can give to parents to help them help you! Everything from activities they can do before school, to a glossary of terms so you can speak the same “sensory language” together about their student.

Walking Through a Case Study

While getting all of these lessons and printable guides are great, sometimes seeing things in action really helps it stick. This is why we include a bonus case study to help you see these strategies in action!

Resources & References:

We want to provide you with extra resources as well as references for all of our strategies for improving your students’ focus and behavior. This will make getting buy-in from teachers, administration, and parents easier for everyone.

Easy to implement immediately!

“This course is amazing! Rachel and Jessica do an amazing job of explaining sensory processing so it’s easy for everyone to understand. Then they provide practical strategies that are easy to implement immediately!”

Jamie Boxer,
School-Based Speech-Language Pathologist

Why Educators & Therapists Love This Course

Why Educators & Therapists Love This Course

Improve Student Outcomes By Addressing Sensory Challenges

You might have students in your classroom who struggle with sensory processing without knowing it! By providing sensory strategies to the entire class, it will help every student:

  • Focus on Tasks
  • Increasing Time in Seat
  • Better Social Skills with Classmates
  • Better Mood and Behavior

Makes Learning Fun!

We believe that learning is more impactful when it’s fun! This course provides you with the tools to implement new activities & strategies in a positive way to engage your students.

Understanding The ‘Why’

We’re not here to diagnose or put a band-aid on a “problem”. Just straight forward information as to WHY your students may be struggling and engaging, actionable strategies that will help.

No More Guessing

With video demonstrations and clear descriptions, we take the guesswork out of helping you and your students experience success. We want to make this as easy as possible for you, the students, and their parents.


Improving Focus & Behavior in The Classroom

Learn exactly how to implement therapeutic sensory strategies in the classroom to improve focus, mood, and behavior for all students!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Buy Multiple Licenses For Our School District?

Yes, absolutely! We offer bulk discounting for any purchase of 5 or more license. Please click here to access the form for submitting a quote! Or you can email to get a quote as well.

How Long Does A License Last For?

A license to the course lasts for 1 year from the time of purchase.

How Is This Course Administered?

This course is administered via online videos and worksheet downloads that you are able to access through once you have purchased!

What Is The Refund Policy For This Course?

Like all Harkla products, this falls under our lifetime guarantee. This basically means that if at any time you aren’t satisfied with the course, we’ll refund you right away.

Is This Course Good For Neurotypical Students?

Yes! We designed this course with every student in mind, because everyone has a sensory system and can benefit from incorporating sensory-based learning strategies in the classroom! When we provide an inclusive environment that fosters multi-sensory learning, students retain more information and can focus better during instruction.

Do Your Courses Offer Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)?

No, unfortunately at this time we do not offer any CEUs for OTs, SLPs, PTs, Teachers, etc. However, you can use them towards PDU credits per your state guidelines. We are not responsible for tracking these hours, certificates, or governing board guidelines.

Can Parents Take This Course?

Although this course was designed for therapists and educators, there are a plethora of resources beneficial for parents as well! Especially for those parents homeschooling their children.

Is This Course Research-Based?

Yes! We include the evidence-based articles we used to create this course, as well as the research we use as pediatric occupational therapy assistants that support our treatment interventions. You can find the resources and references in the last module of this course.

How Long is This Course?

Approximately 4 hours.

What Age Range is This Course Best Suited For?

Preschool through High School aged students.

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At Harkla, our goal is to help those with special needs live happy and healthy lives. To continue this mission, we donate 1% of every sale to the University of Washington Autism Center. This money gets split between providing families in the Seattle area access to therapy they can’t afford, funding cutting edge autism research, and our annual scholarship to the University of Washington Autism Center’s APEX Summer Camp.

“As a business committed to supporting families, Harkla has generously provided multiple scholarships so that children with autism and ADHD can attend our summer camp at the UW Autism Center. We’re grateful for Harkla’s support!”

Benjamin Aaronson, PhD
Director, APEX Summer Camp Program
University of Washington Autism Center

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