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Apprenticeship Opportunity: Learn Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Directly from the CEO

Application Is Closed. 

We are currently working through current applicants. If you'd like to stay updated on future positions, please contact us at support@harkla.co


Do you want to learn digital marketing and entrepreneurship at a fast-growing, e-commerce company that serves a bigger mission in the world?

Harkla is looking for an ambitious, growth-minded person to join our fast-growing company as a marketing apprentice in a remote position. 

What is an Apprenticeship?

On top of what Google says, an apprenticeship is an amazing way to get real-world experience while cutting your learning time drastically. The experience you gain in an apprenticeship is usually unattainable in any other way. Learn more here, here and here.

You will be working directly with the founder of the company to help execute current marketing campaigns and projects, but you won't be just an assistant. You will be coming up with your own marketing ideas and be given full licenses to test and pursue them. 

The founder, Casey Ames, has been working in digital marketing for half a decade with multiple successful businesses, including starting Harkla from scratch into a growing 7-figure company. Not only will you be getting work directly with him, you'll get access to his network, courses, and any learning opportunities that will help you up your game. 

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Learning SEO and executing on marketing plans, such as conversion rate optimization, email marketing and more
  • Grow our sales on Amazon.com
    • Advertising optimization
    • Listing optimization
    • Whatever else you can think of
  • Expanding & optimizing our marketplace presence
  • Optimization of our sales funnel
  • Come up with and execute new ideas on how to drive growth for Harkla 

Who We are Looking For:

  • Ambitious, Growth Mindset
  • Excels with projects that you haven’t mastered yet
  • Self-directed learner
  • Great team player
  • Detail-oriented who is good with numbers and Excel.
  • Motivated to Work and Learn
    • This will be a remote position, so you need to be self-motivating 

What makes working for Harkla special?

You get to make an impact in the special needs community: 

We are a company with the mission of helping those living with special needs live happy and healthy lives.

We have plans in the pipeline to do things no other companies are doing. We get the satisfaction of hearing testimonials like this from our customers:

"This blanket has been a lifesaver. My son has autism and ADHD. He has a hard time falling and staying asleep. He has been sleeping through the night since we received this blanket.” - J Lanoue

"Our one bubbly 5 year old started having some anxiety when she started Kindergarten this year .... [and] has been using the blanket for 2 weeks and we cannot get over the difference it has made. She is sleeping through the night and the anxiety is down dramatically.” - hlpgilbert


Join a small, but fast-growing company:

While revenue by itself isn’t an important metric, you have the chance to join a company that has done $1.5MM in sales in the trailing 12 months that would like to be at least doubling that each year.

You would come in as employee #3 at our company, making you an essential part of hitting our revenue goals for 2018 and beyond.


It is a remote position:

Hate commuting? So do we. Work from home in whatever clothing makes you most comfortable. This also includes flexible hours. While we always work full days and full weeks, if you want to start an hour early to have extra time in the middle of the day, that’s perfectly fine. 


We are results focused, not time:

Yes, we expect you to put in a full work week, but we don’t count hours. If you are excelling at your job, enjoying your work, and we are hitting our numbers in sales and customer satisfaction, not much else matters. 

On top of being results focused, we want to support your growth as a digital marketer. We are happy to cover the costs of books and courses to help you level up your game. 


Details about the Job:

This job will start with a 4 week part-time trial period, 15 to 30 hours a week.

The compensation for the trial period will be $12 to $18/hr depending on experience. 

After that trial period, if we all decide we are going to make great teammates, you'll become a full-time member of the Harkla team. 

    • Must be a US citizen
    • Work from anywhere, but must work in general US Timezone Hours
    • Required Experience:
      • Comfortable with Excel/Google Sheets
    • Experience that is preferred, but not necessary:
      • Shopify or WordPress
      • ActiveCampaign or other email marketing tools
      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Adwords or Facebook Advertising

Harkla's Core Principles:

  • Our customers are at the core of our business. We are helping families raise children with autism. Keep this in mind with every decision.
  • You are responsible for your work. Tell what you are going to do vs. asking for permission. 
  • Mistakes are OK. Not extracting lessons and implementing those into future processes is not OK.
  • Lead with questions, not answers.
  • Expect dialogues & debates. We are passionate people trying to do something great.
  • We are a systems-based company. Freedom of thought comes from a foundation of discipline.
    • Freedom and responsibility within the framework of a highly developed system. 

Application Is Closed. 

We are currently working through current applicants. If you'd like to stay updated on future positions, please contact us at support@harkla.co