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What Is The
Harkla Sensory Club?

everything you need to support your child’s sensory preferences

The Harkla Sensory Club is a community designed to facilitate education, inspiration, and understanding of all things sensory.

Our mission is to give you strategies, advice, and support in order to help raise successful, confident, happy children in this crazy sensory world!

Not only do members get to join a community of positive, like-minded individuals, but you’ll get new, exclusive content each month, private access to experts, and much more.

Could I Benefit From
Being In The Club?

Raise Happy & Confident Children by Getting More Tools in Your ToolBox

The Harkla Sensory Club is a great fit if you’re looking for a positive community that understands the world of raising and teaching children with sensory processing challenges.

On top of the community, you’ll get access to videos, activity guides, and expert advice on sensory integration, primitive reflexes, and much more!

I’m No Expert, Will I Have Trouble Understanding?

Easy to Follow Sensory & Therapy Advice You Can Do At Home

We translate the confusing research articles and medical terminology into bite sized, understandable information in order to help you be successful. We’re parents too you know, not just therapists!

We teach with every learning style in mind, so you can get the most out of your membership!

Rather than purchasing hundreds of dollars of unnecessary equipment, we teach you how to use the items you already have around your house to meet your child’s sensory needs.

Invest in Yourself


We’ll be honest… joining this membership group won’t automatically change you or your child’s life.

When you join the Harkla Sensory Club, the real work begins! Taking the time to learn and implement the strategies provided in The Club is a must!

However, if you’re ready to expand the tools you have in your sensory, therapy, and parenting toolbox, then we are here to support you every step of your journey. Raising strong and confident kiddos in this crazy sensory world isn’t easy, but that is the reason for the Harkla Sensory Club.

While we can’t do the work for you, we can provide you with video courses, PDF guides, advice, support, and community to help you become the sensory rockstar parent, teacher, or therapist you know you can be.

Our Club Community Is A Great Fit For:




Anyone who works with children!

If you’re looking for a supportive, positive community that understands the sensory world, then The Harkla Sensory Club is the place for you.

Meet Your Instructors

Learn from two passionate Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants

We are two very passionate Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants who specialize in Sensory Integration and Primitive Reflex Integration.

After over 6 years of working with children in outpatient settings, we realized we wanted to bring our expertise to more families and therapists. With this mission in mind, we started the All Things Sensory Podcast, and have been creating in-depth trainings to help children with sensory challenges and retained primitive reflexes.

Our goal is to empower and educate families, caregivers, therapists, and educators to ultimately create strong, confident children!

We are so excited to have you join us!

Rachel Harrington, COTA/L, AC

Jessica Hill, COTA/L

Rachel Harrington


Rachel is a Pediatric Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant who is dedicated to helping children with different abilities feel confident in their own skin. She holds her Autism Certificate, and is continuing her education in Handwriting Without Tears, Primitive Reflex Integration, Sensory Integration, and more! Rachel lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband, young son, and dog, and can be found outside hiking, playing games, and not taking life too seriously!
Jessica Hill
Jessica Hill


Jessica is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant who specializes in Pediatrics. She is passionate about helping children become healthy, happy, and confident members of society. She has training and experience in Primitive Reflex Integration, Sensory Integration, feeding, and parent training. Jessica and her son live in Boise, Idaho with their two crazy cats and enjoy hiking, swimming, and traveling!

Here’s What You Get

everything you need to support your child’s sensory preferences

The Harkla Sensory Club is a digital membership group that you can access via your phone, tablet, or computer. This makes for asking questions, getting content, and interacting with the community extremely easy!

Our membership provides everything you need to support your child’s sensory preferences. Training videos, PDFs, courses and activities — with the added bonus of a community of over 100 motivated, curious and educated parents, therapists and educators, all from a variety of backgrounds.

Here are some of the benefits you get when joining The Harkla Sensory Club:

Harkla Sensory Club - Calendar Of The Month - Feb2021

Sensory Calendar of the Month

A new calendar every month! Complete a new sensory based activity daily that focuses on one of the 8 senses in your sensory system!
Harkla Sensory Club - Sensory Diet Of The Month - Feb2021

Sensory Diet of the Month

No, not food! We create a new Sensory Diet every single month containing several sensory based activities that focus and target a specific topic or sensory input that kiddos crave!
Mini Activity Course

Mini Activity Course with Video

We focus on a specific topic or strategy every month. Quick, easy & always fun! From ’10 Therapeutic Oral Motor Activities’ to ’15 Activities with Water Beads’ & so many more!

Blog Post

Our blog is full of great deep dives into a wide variety of strategies, tips, discussion topics and resources for parents, therapists and families.
Geoboard - Obstacle _ Course Activity - Feb5 2021

Activity & Obstacle Course with Video

Always a new, fun & (of course) sensory related obstacle course or activity that targets, challenges and addresses a variety of skills. We include both a written handout and video version of all our obstacles!
Helping Messy Eaters - Harkla Sensory Club- Feb2021

Sensory Strategy Handout

We have loads of information & strategies to focus to share! These strategies are for you, your kiddo, or your family! Incorporate & tailor to your child’s needs. From Messy Eating to Stress Relieving Tips!

Weekly Live Q & A

Rachel or Jessica host a live Q&A exclusive to The Harkla Sensory Club. This is a great time to ask questions directly to them, as well as learn what other families, educators, or teachers are working on!
Access to Experts for Advice and help

Access to Experts for Advice & Help

Have a question specifically for Rachel or Jessica? Simply open the app and post it in the group or a direct message! We’re here to help you with any and all of your sensory related questions!
Open Discusstion Forum

Open Discussion Forum

Keep the dialog going! We often post daily to check in with our community, spark a conversation, share special news, or open the floor to the whole club as an open discussion forum. We’re here to help!
Community of Like Minded Parents & Therapists

Community of Like Minded Parents & Therapists

We encourage members to meet & mingle Members are grouped by their occupation (therapist, parent, educator, etc.) as well as together as a whole community. Our members are supportive, helpful & so kind!
Exclusive Discounts to ALL Harkla’s Therapy Products & Digital Courses

Exclusive Discounts to ALL Harkla’s Therapy Products & Digital Courses

Club Members always get 10% off of any Harkla physical products, like our sensory swings or weighted blankets. On top of that, members get 50% off all Harkla Digital Courses!
Training Videos

Training Videos

We are visual people! Sometimes showing is better than telling! We teach with every learning style in mind, so you can get the most out of your membership! There’s always new training videos in the club featuring tools, tips & ‘how to’s’!
1-1 Trainings with Rachel & Jessica

1-1 Trainings with Rachel & Jessica

After you’ve gotten a month to explore The Club, you’ll get a free 1on1 call to work directly with Rachel and Jessica to brainstorm challenging situations and ask them your questions!

Exclusive Benefits for Our
Long Term Club Members!

The longer you stay in The Harkla Sensory Club, the more perks you’ll get! These include benefits like:

Free Harkla Supplements
Exclusive flash sales on courses, eBooks,
& therapy products
Harkla swag
and much more!

Why Families & Therapists Love The Harkla Sensory Club

Why Families & Therapists Love The Harkla Sensory Club

Improve Life By Joining A Positive Community

There are so many different reasons to join The Harkla Sensory Club:

  • Join a supportive group that understands exactly what you’re going through
  • Learn & implement actionable sensory tips & strategies into your child’s routine
  • Get exclusive perks & discounts

Makes Learning Fun!

We believe that learning is more impactful when it’s fun! This course provides you with the tools to implement new activities & exercises in a positive way to engage your child.

Understanding The ‘Why’

We’re not here to diagnose or put a band-aid on a “problem”. Just straight forward information as to WHY your child may be struggling and engaging, actionable exercises that will help.

No More Guessing

With video demonstrations and clear descriptions, we take the guesswork out of helping you and your child experience success. We want to make this as easy as possible for you.

Words From Our Club Members

deciding to be a part of The Club was an easy decision

“Investing in our future is so important, so deciding to be a part of “The Club” was an easy decision. The cost is minimal for the amount of knowledge you get all in one place. Taking the time to learn, implement, and following through with new strategies can be overwhelming and honestly quite tiresome, but I know I can ask questions within the club in a judgement free zone. These ladies are SO passionate about what they do its almost impossible not to want to join in on the fun.”

Jen - Club Member

amazing in supporting my transition as a new grad

“I LOVE the new website & Club - it look so awesome! You guys have been amazing in supporting my transition as a new grad, and now with Telehealth these resources are awesome to have to support my families. Amazing!”

ALEXA - Club Member & Occupational Therapist

Seriously thank you…

“Seriously thank you… back in summer/fall you answered my comment in The Club about my son struggling with paper cutting. We worked on all of the squares from the handout you gave us for pre-cutting skills and today he is cutting his homework like a pro… And he begs to open cans now! Thanks so much for all you do. Ideas and encouragement; progress happens.”

ELIZABETH - Club Member


The Harkla Sensory Club

Join a community of positive, like-minded parents, educators, and therapists to get exclusive content, advice, and perks from the Harkla team!


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Cancellation & Refund Policies Of The Club?

We’d hate to see you go, but like everything we do at Harkla, we want to make your life easier, not harder.

When it comes to canceling your membership, simply send an email to We’ll make sure to get your membership canceled immediately and refund the current month’s payment.

If you don’t feel like the club is the right fit for you, we certainly don’t want you to pay for it.

What's The Difference Between Your Podcast & The Membership?

Our podcast covers the basics, whereas our membership dives deeper into the topics we discuss by offering resources we aren't able to offer through the podcast format. We call our membership site: The Podcast on Steroids.

How Do I Know If The Club Is Right For My Child?

Ask yourself these questions - Does my child: Currently receive therapy services? (Occupational / Speech / Physical Therapy) | Exhibit difficulties with processing the sensory world? | Have a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Down Syndrome, Developmental Delay?| Struggle with fine and gross motor skills? If you answered yes to any of those questions, the Harkla Sensory Club is right for you!

Will I Have Access To A Professional In The Club?

We offer the ability to book a time slot with Jessica & Rachel after your first month in the club. On top of that, anything you post in The Club will get a response from at least Jessica or Rachel, and other members in the community of parents and therapists will help when they can.

While we’ll support you as much as humanly possible, there won’t be any formal diagnosis or treatment in The Club, as that needs to be done in person.

Our Lifetime Guarantee


We don't mess around with our commitment. Unless you are 100% satisfied, we aren't satisfied either. We're a company that truly cares about you and will answer any question or concerns you have.

This means that if you are not absolutely happy with your product, we will not only refund you without question, we will cover the return shipping. There's no reason you should pay for a product you aren't happy with.

Digital Resources Just For You


Digital Resources Just For You


When you purchase any product at Harkla, we'll send you digital access to our 4 books about raising children with special needs.

They give actionable advice on:

  • Creating a routine to improve your child's sleep
  • How to help deal with sensory issues
  • Using diet, exercise, and more to improve classroom behavior
  • And more...

Our support for you and your loved ones doesn't end with just our products. Our mission is to be the most helpful special needs company, and we do so by offering more than just products.

Giving Back On Our Sales

1% of all Sales go to the University of Washington Autism CenteR

At Harkla, our goal is to help those with special needs live happy and healthy lives. To continue this mission, we donate 1% of every sale to the University of Washington Autism Center. This money gets split between providing families in the Seattle area access to therapy they can’t afford, funding cutting edge autism research, and our annual scholarship to the University of Washington Autism Center’s APEX Summer Camp.

“As a business committed to supporting families, Harkla has generously provided multiple scholarships so that children with autism and ADHD can attend our summer camp at the UW Autism Center. We’re grateful for Harkla’s support!”

Benjamin Aaronson, PhD
Director, APEX Summer Camp Program
University of Washington Autism Center

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