#259 - Life Update - Rachel's ADHD Diagnosis and Jessica is Back in the Clinic!

by Jessica Hill, COTA/L & Rachel Harrington, COTA/L, AC June 07, 2023

#259 - Life Update - Rachel's ADHD Diagnosis and Jessica is Back in the Clinic!

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Life Update - Rachel's ADHD Diagnosis and Jessica is Back in the Clinic!

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Life Update - Rachel’s ADHD Diagnosis And Jessica Is Back In The Clinic!

We’re thrilled to provide an update on Rachel and Jessica’s recent developments, which include Rachel’s diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and her return to working with children in the clinic.

Update On Life For Rachel

Rachel received her ADHD diagnosis in November, but it wasn’t until January or February of this year that she realized the need for help. Though Rachel had experienced some sensory quirks and challenges, she had never faced significant obstacles.

Initially, Rachel associated ADHD with a lack of focus or the inability to sit still long enough to complete tasks; however, she soon learned that it was an executive functioning disorder, which is in line with what Rachel found challenging.

Due to the significant levels of organization, initiation, and follow-through required, Rachel found it extremely tiring and overwhelming to handle mundane responsibilities. However, after undergoing a checklist-based evaluation with her doctor, it became highly probable that Rachel was struggling with ADHD.

After discovering her ADHD diagnosis, Rachel met with her doctor regularly to discuss methods of managing the condition and sought advice on adapting to this significant change in her life. Eventually, Rachel and her doctor performed additional assessments to understand her needs better.

During their consultations, Rachel and her doctor delved into various aspects of her life, including her family history, childhood, parenting, health concerns such as hormone issues, nutritional deficiencies, back-to-back pregnancies, breastfeeding, and general life experiences. After a thorough evaluation, her doctor concluded that ADHD did not cause her symptoms.

Despite juggling multiple businesses and taking care of her two children, Rachel exhibited many symptoms of ADHD; however, after a closer evaluation with her doctor determined that she didn’t meet the criteria for an official diagnosis.

Rather than feeling disheartened, Rachel saw this as an opportunity to expand her knowledge of her brain and explore new ways to enhance her time management skills. The following recommendations proved to be the most beneficial:

  • Starting the day with a high-intensity workout to stimulate dopamine release in her brain.
  • Incorporating high-intensity workouts into her morning routine to boost dopamine levels.
  • Changing her workspace by investing in a standing or walking treadmill desk and ensuring she moved around more frequently throughout the day.
  • Sought out more sensory input to improve her focus and productivity.
  • Prioritize addressing all of her health issues.

If you’re facing a similar situation, it’s crucial to delve deeper and identify the underlying cause of your symptoms. Rachel addressed various issues such as vision, nutrition, sleep, sensory processing, and primitive reflexes, ultimately relieving her of her ADHD symptoms.

Jessica’s Latest News

Jessica and Rachel have been running a two-on-one mentoring program through Harkla, and after each session, Jessica felt a strong desire to continue working with the child. This realization served as a wake-up call for her, indicating that it might be time to return to clinical work.

After three weeks in a pediatric outpatient setting, Jessica relishes the opportunity to use her creativity to assist children in a new environment. She has already witnessed a positive outcome with one of her clients by implementing a visual schedule at home.

Jessica has thoroughly enjoyed her time at the clinic, devising various setups for the families she works with. She feels grateful to have found a clinic with complete autonomy to pursue her passion.

Jessica and Rachel count themselves fortunate to work in a field they love and are committed to continuing mentoring sessions in the foreseeable future. We hope you found their life updates insightful and look forward to informing you about their journeys.




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Jessica Hill, COTA/L & Rachel Harrington, COTA/L, AC
Jessica Hill, COTA/L & Rachel Harrington, COTA/L, AC

Rachel Harrington, COTA/l, AC, CPRCS, and Jessica Hill, COTA/L, CPRCS are Harkla's in-house Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTA) and Certified Primitive Reflex Clinical Specialists. They have been working with children for over 6 years in outpatient settings. They specialize in creating easy-to-digest, actionable content that families can use to help their child's progress at home. Jessica and Rachel are the in-house experts, content creators, and podcast hosts at Harkla! To learn more about Jessica and Rachel, visit the Harkla About Us Page. Make sure to listen to their weekly podcast, All Things Sensory by Harkla for actionable, fun advice on child development.

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